A woman was buying an ice-cream cone at a Haagen-Dazs in Kansas City. She had just decided on a flavor when she turned and looked straight into the blazing blue eyes of Paul Newman.

The star-struck fan froze like a deer in the headlights: heart pounding, knees shaking. After an awkward moment she somehow managed to gather herself, pay for the cone, and leave.

She stepped outside, quietly congratulating herself for maintaining her composure.  However, she discovered that her ice-cream was missing, so she started back into the store to get it. This time she met Newman coming out.

He smiled and asked, “Are you looking for your ice cream?”

All she could produce was a mumble and a nod.

Newman said, “You put it in your purse with your change.”

It’s funny how enthralled we can be with celebrities. In fact, many of us are downright star-struck. Why is that? What’s so special about meeting someone famous?

Paul Newman was a giant celebrity, no question about it. But great as he was, he was still just a man. Why get all bent out of shape over a human being?

I love the story I picked up recently about a comment by Robert A. Cook. Cook was president of The King’s College in New York during the Reagan era. Speaking at the Moody Bible Institute, Cook said that the day before, he had been at a gathering in Washington and had talked with Vice President George Bush. Two hours later, he spoke briefly with President Ronald Reagan. Then smiling playfully, Cook told the listeners, “But that’s nothing! Today I talked with God!”

Every Sunday, we meet for a close encounter with the creator of the universe and yet some can barely stifle the yawns. For many, it’s just another sleep-walk through mundane monotony. I wonder if they would feel so bored if they were meeting with a favorite celebrity. Would they snooze through an encounter with Michael Jordan, or Brad Pitt, or Kanye West, Jennifer Aniston?

Could it be that who we worship says something about who we are?

There is none like Thee, O LORD; Thou art great, and great is Thy name in might. (Jeremiah 10:6)

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