Good News – Blessed are the Hungry

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. (Matthew 5:6)

Why is it blessed to be hungry?

Because hunger motivates you.

I remember seeing this clearly in the 1998 Winter Olympics.

We were watching the men’s downhill skiing. The officials moved the gate on the first left-hand turn. It was a blind turn. No practices. It gave the skiers fits, and it was really fun to watch. They would come flying around the corner at around 60 miles per hour trying to find that gate. Zig-zagging everywhere. It was almost sad!

By far the worst crash and the highlight video of those Olympics was Hermman Maier. Maier came around that blind turn at 60mph+ and sailed upside-down through the air for about 70 feet. He crashed down on his shoulder and head and then slid through three safety fences. Stupendous crash. I could not believe he walked away.

Then, in the next couple of days, that same 25 year old Austrian skier came back to win the Super G and the giant slalom. Arnold Schwarzenegger was there. He smiled into the camera and called him “The Hermannator” because He’ll be back. The headlines read, “Hermann Maier 2, Mountains 1.”

As I watched in wonder, I thought, “What could possibly make a guy get up from a spill like that and go do it again?”

A few days later I watched a little wisp of an American skate to Olympic gold. Tara Lipinsky looked like a machine as she sliced and spun in one perfect triple jump after another. How did she get so good? As we watched the competition, they did a piece on her young life. For her entire life, she skated six hours a day, six days a week!

What could make a young girl want to skate so much?

I have a book on my shelf called The Edge. It’s stories and quotes form the greatest athletes in the world. In every case, the common thread of greatness was an inner drive that pushed them beyond where others were willing to go.

Ara Parseghian, the former great coach of Notre Dame said,

I use the word HUNGRY to describe what I mean when I talk about desire. Being hungry provides you with the physical and mental energies necessary for success. The sacrifices that are necessary become easier when one places a goal or objective at a high level.

Today and for the rest of the week, try being hungry for God.  You might be surprised by the kind of greatness you can achieve when you pursue the Creator with a drive and passion that surpasses those around you.

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