The Speed Trap

One time I was traveling to see Amy from Houston to Beaumont on Highway 105. I came into a small town and the speed limit dropped from 55 to 35 in about two blocks.

I was off the gas, coasting down.

As I turned the corner, a local police officer was waiting. It was clearly a speed trap.

He pulled me over and we talked for a minute. I thought that since I was clearly reducing speed and was down to 45 he would let me go.

No way.

I was so angry. I will admit that I was unkind to that patrol officer.

As I left that town, I became convicted about my attitude toward that policeman. I asked God to forgive me and teach me more respect.

I had not gone ten miles when I looked up to see a highway patrol officer parked beside the road. I looked down at the speedometer. 64 mph. It was a 55. Too late. The lights came on.

I said, “God, I surely deserve this.”

It was starting to drizzlec so the officer asked if I would sit in his car while he wrote the ticket. That was odd. He looked at my license. Denison, Texas. He stopped.

“Are you from Denison?”


We were 400 miles from Denison in Southeast Texas.

He said, “I’m from Sherman.”

Sherman is next door to Denison. Like Monroe and West Monroe.

I said, “Really? My roommate is from Sherman.”

He kept writing and without looking up asked, “Who is it?”

“Spencer McElhannon.”

He said, “Spencer McElhannon is your roommate?”

“Yes, and another Sherman guy named Rick Mason.”

He said, “Rick Mason is your roommate too?”

“Yes. Do you know them?”

“They were two of my best friends in High School.”

“No kidding?” I will admit that a flicker of hope sparked at that moment in my heart. Maybe, he will let me off.

But he kept writing.

I thought, “That’s the law. . . and that’s how it is.”

Then he stopped, looked at me and said, “You’re Spence and Rick’s roommate?”


“I can’t give you a ticket. Will you just slow down?”

That is GRACE! I did not deserve it. I did not earn it. I got it because of who I knew! The law says, “No Excuses.” It is a reminder that I get what I deserve. Grace says, “I got you covered.” Jesus did that for us.

That’s the good news. Now have a great day.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashley Ellis says:

    I think I have driven through those same speed traps! Lord, thank you for your grace.


  2. ed says:

    Amen. I’m so glad that my life state highway patrolman is Almighty God. Approach the throne of Grace with confidence, so that you may receive mercy and find grace to help you in your time of need.
    Good word Bill… and you have a great day as well !


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