Worshiping like Cats and Dogs


My son had a border collie named Aggie. Aggie worshiped him. When he came through the house, she jumped all over him and licked him all over. She went nuts. She loved him. Then she would go and get this old half-deflated basketball and try to get him to kick it so she could chase it. He’d tell her to get the cat, and she would tear off after the poor feline. He trained her to sit and wait, get in the kennel. Sometimes she got too rowdy and would nip him, so he scolded her hard. When this happened, she would just dissolve. She couldn’t stand it. Because she worshiped him and loved him and wanted to be with him, she wanted to obey him.

That’s what a dog does. It worships the master.

Did you know the word for worship in the New Testament is tied to the love of a dog?

The New Testament was written in Greek. And the word for worship is a greek word Proskuneo.

Proskuneo is really two words joined together. The first is “pros.” It means “towards.” But here is the surprise. The second word is “kuon.” It means “dog.” If a person in the New Testament times had a dog, he would call it a “Kuon.” So the literal word for worship means, “To dog toward.” It was often read as, “To lick the master’s hand.”

That’s worship.

I worship God as I “dog to him.” As I respond to Him the way my son’s dog responds to him.

Here’s the problem. In America we are more like cats than dogs! We worship God like a cat.

I don’t want to upset any cat owners, I have two cats myself. Cat owners are different than dog owners. They have far less expectations. You can’t train a cat. I can’t even get my cat to come when I call.  She just looks up at me and walks away. It’s like she’s thinking, “Fool.”

The only time our cats are friendly to me is when the food dish is empty or one’s got a really bad itch behind its neck. The rest of the time. . . well, they treat me like a peon.

In a cat’s opinion, I exist totally for her benefit. That’s the way cats think. And that’s the way many people today worship God. They only care about God when they have some need.

The word worship didn’t say, “To cat towards.” It says, “To dog towards.”

So let’s be more like dogs than cats.

That’s the good news, now go have a great day.

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