A Walk on the Dark Side

Today Darth Vader is an American Icon.  The symbol of evil.  We learned from George Lucas that he was once a powerful good Jedi named Skywalker that went to the dark side.  But we never knew how until Lucas completed the prequel trilogy.  The final installment tells how Skywalker got Vaderized.
I love that expression, “The Dark Side” because it rings true to life.  We all have a dark side.  In fact, the Bible goes one better.  It says that we live in darkness.  The problem with man is that he is in darkness.  When someone cheats you.  When someone mistreats you.  When someone cuts in front of you, steals from you, or lies about you.  All of that is simply the darkness in them.  And when we do it to others, we manifest the darkness in us.
Here’s the problem.  We try to deny our “Dark Sides” by cleaning up our outsides.
That’s what the Pharisees did.

But the Lord said to him, “Now you Pharisees clean the outside of the cup and of the platter; but inside of you, you are full of robbery and wickedness. (Luke 11:3)

The Pharisees were masters at putting on appearances.  They wore masks of righteousness but inside they were full of darkness.
Here’s what’s scary to me.  They aren’t much different than the rest of us.  We all tend to wear masks because our masks disguise the darkness that is in us.  And if we wear the mask long enough we can even convince ourselves.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld said,

“We get so much in the habit of wearing a disguise before others that we eventually appear disguised before ourselves.”

Here’s the problem with that.  What happens on the outside says nothing about the inside.
If I put on this Darth Vader mask I immediately look like a bad guy.  Luke, “I am your father.”  When I take it off you assume that I’m now a good guy.  But I’m the same guy regardless of the mask that I wear.  Because who I am is not what I look like, it’s what I am on the inside.
So if I want to be real, I have to deal with my insides.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
That’s the good news, now have a great day. (Matthew 5:8)

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  1. Adventures Missions and Retreats says:

    Reblogged this on Adventures, Missions and Retreats.


  2. ronnie hopkins says:

    Typo, The dark side reference should be luke 11:39 rather than luke 11:3. Always enjoy the messages. Keep up the good work! 🙂


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