Don’t Fence Me In

My son Andrew used to have a dog named Aggie. Aggie was a Border Collie who enjoyed nothing more than chewing up everything we owned. She chewed the brand new seat of my friend’s John Deere tractor. She chewed up the garden hose.  She chewed up the furniture.

One day she came home with a plastic doll. Well, I have four boys. There aren’t any dolls at our place. That meant Aggie was now chewing up the neighbors stuff. What do we do?

We lived in the country and nobody had a fence. At first, this wasn’t a problem. But when Aggie started to expand her range…

A friend told me about this electric device with a shock collar. You bury a wire in the ground and when she crosses it, Zap! So I went and got one. Very expensive but still cheaper than a fence. The boys and I worked all afternoon burying that wire. With all the rain our yard was underwater, so we battled mud and fire ants and seven billion mosquitoes. But we got it in. Then you put these little white flags to show her where the electric line is. Put the collar on and fired it up.

Aggie immediately ran over to the flags and it got her. ZAP! She went straight up.

She tried the other side of the yard. ZAP!

Then she ran to the middle and lay down.

It worked! Aggie seemed fenced.

Except she was really just mulling over the situation.  After just a few minutes, she mad a mad dash at one of the other flags. ZAP! You could tell it got her, but Aggie just powered through. She took off right over the wire and disappeared around the corner.

I found her under the car and she wouldn’t come out. I pulled her out and headed back to the back yard. But Aggie squirmed free and ran the opposite direction. No way was she going back into that back yard.

We looked at each other. Instead of teaching her to stay IN the back yard, she’d learn to stay OUT of it! She’d gotten the exact wrong message we meant to send. We took the collar off and went back to the drawing board. That night Andrew went outside to get her. She had the collar in her mouth. She had chewed up the collar AND the electric box AND the wire AND the flags!

That ignorant dog just keeps reminding me of my responses to the Lord. I’m trying to protect her and give her what she needs the most. But her old nature just keeps fighting it. She does the exact opposite thing that I would want for her! God says, “Now you know how it feels.”

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  1. Adventures Missions and Retreats says:

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  2. Karen Edwards says:

    I’m Aggie!!!


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