A Good Skiing Experience

Romans 8:28 says, “All things WORK together for Good.” It doesn’t say, all things are good. I first learned to understand this through an episode on a ski boat.

I grew up on Lake Texoma, north of Dallas. My friend Tony Sneddon’s father would let us take his 15 foot ski boat to the lake to ski. We were in our late teens and still dealing with the mental deficiencies of adolescence.

We broke every rule in that boat. We skied in and out of the big marinas. We jump wakes behind the cruisers. But one of our favorite risks was to ski between the rocks and the cliffs. On the Texas side, the water has washed away the dirt from the cliffs and the giant flat rocks fell into the water. You could ski between the rocks and the cliffs. The water was only inches deep in places, and you had to lift the rope to get over the boulders. We never considered the danger of skiing across shallow water in rocks at 30 milers per hour.

Then one day when we were skiing over by a beach on the Oklahoma side.

I was driving the boat. Sned was skiing. Our friend Larry was in the water waist deep with a football. I would pilot between Larry and the beach, and Larry was trying to throw Sned the football.

Sned was watching Larry, Larry was watching us, I was watching Sned. Nobody was watching the beach. Sned skied full speed into the beach.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone run aground on skies before.

The first thing that occurs is, the skis stop.

Second, your hands fly up in the air over your head. That’s because they are still attached to the ski rope and you haven’t had time to tell them to turn lose.

Third, you go airborne.

And fourth you hit the beach. Hard.

Sned didn’t roll, he didn’t slide. He stuck! Like a giant human lawn dart. When Sned sat up in that sand it looked like someone took a piece of extra course sandpaper and went all over his face.

If you had asked, “Sned is that Good?” he would have slugged you. NO! it wasn’t good. It was awful. But you know what it did. It showed us the danger. And we never again skied dangerously on that lake. So while it wasn’t GOOD, it had a good effect.

And if you ran into Sned today and asked him if his beach landing was good, he’d say, “At the time, no. But it worked out to be good, because God used it to show us something that could have been far worse.”

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