Motorcycle Revenge


After I graduated from college I did three things. I moved to Waco to live with a friend, and took a job as a part time youth minister in a church in Gatesville, Texas, and bought a motorcycle.

I graduated in December so we had the spring and summer to enjoy before I started Seminary in Ft. Worth in the fall.

My church in Gatesville was about 40 miles from Waco so I usually made the weekend run on the bike. I remember one time heading for church with my nice black leather shoes strapped to the back. When I got to church, I only had one shoe.

Tennis shoes and suit that button down raised some eyebrows at the First Baptist church.

One time I was riding down Highway 84 between Waco and Gatesville at about 60 miles an hour when I looked up ahead and saw what looked like smoke or dust. I was wearing short pants, a t-shirt and my full faced helmit. I squinted to try to figure out what the dust cloud was. It didn’t look right. Fog? Some smoke? Dust?

Suddenly I realized, it’s not dust it’s bugs. Thousand of them.

No time to stop.

This is going to be gross.

Oh no, its worse than I thought, its bees.

Thousands of bees that looked like dust across the highway, and I slammed into them at 60 mph.

I was quickly covered in bee guts. On my legs, my chest, but the worst part, many of them lived long enough to sting me under the arms. I looked up and one was inside my helmit crawling across my facemask.

Man, I was hurting. And I was mad. All those bee stings made me furious. In fact I was so mad that I actually thought of going back through to kill some more of them. How idiotic would that be? Go back for more stings just to get some revenge on the ones that stung.

That’s the problem with revenge. Each time you try to get it, you wind up getting stung some more. And where will it end. If I let revenge have its way I would wind up riding circles of pain through a swarm of bees to kill a few more that stung me.

God has a better plan. It’s called, “forgiveness.” Forgive the one that stung you and go on with life. Isn’t that what God did for you.

That’s the good news. Now have a great day.

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  1. Mary Margia (Erwin) Straub says:

    Brother Bill: I always think of Romans 12:19 – “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” Thank you so much for sharing our Lord Jesus Christ’s love to others.


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