Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall


I have a mirror that lies.

I’m telling you, it doesn’t speak truth! Whenever I look in this mirror I appear 15 pounds lighter and a whole lot younger. I don’t know what it is. Maybe that silver stuff on the back was put on wrong. Or perhaps the bevel is out of whack. It could be that the glass is crooked like one of those fun-house mirrors at the carnival.

Whatever the reason, that mirror makes me look better than I am.

Then someone takes a picture of me, and I look altogether different than my reflection in that mirror. I say to myself, “Hey wait a minute. Who is that! Someone has a crummy camera because my mirror tells me I don’t look that way.” Then I see another photograph and the sad truth is confirmed. My mirror has been lying to me. I’m not that slim young fellow it reflects.

You know what’s odd? I still like that mirror. In fact, it’s my favorite mirror because even though I know it’s lying, I still like the way it makes me look.

Here’s what I’ve learned about myself: “I am attracted to lying mirrors.” This is true physically. It’s also true spiritually.

The Bible reflects your spiritual condition the same way that a glass mirror reflects your physical image. James said that we must gaze into God’s word like we look into a mirror. When we see things that aren’t pleasing we are to take action and fix them.

Here’s the problem. We are attracted to lying mirrors. When the Bible reflects an unattractive image people will seek to replace it with a more flattering mirror. Unfortunately, there are plenty of dishonest spiritual mirrors out there. They shave off the truth the way a bad mirror shaves off unwanted pounds. They’ll tell you, “You’re OK. There’s nothing wrong with you. Feel good about yourself. Get rid of the guilt.”

Be careful. There’s something in you that likes to hear that.

A flattering reflection doesn’t make you more attractive. It only makes you think you are more attractive. And that’s worse than knowing you aren’t. You don’t need a mirror that will make you look better than you are. You need a mirror that will tell you the truth about who you are. Then you can respond to that truth and make corrections. Do that and you won’t need a lying mirror to make you attractive. You will actually be attractive. Never listen to a lying mirror.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Mary Fae Nethercutt says:

    Trust in the Lord not in the reflection in a mirror.


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