In His Time


Stop being so quick to judge!

I was in line one day at Ross shopping for Christmas. They had two checkout stands open. Ten or more people were backed up in each line. There was a little girl sorting coat hangers.

Nobody is moving. She’s just sorting coat hangers.

I thought she should do that when there aren’t so many needing to check out. Put up the coat hangers girl and check someone out! She just kept sorting coat hangers. Then when she had finished she slowly walked to a register, pushed some buttons looked up and said, “I’m so sorry, but they won’t let me clock in for another minute!”

Huh. She wasn’t even on the clock. She was working while she was waiting to clock in. She couldn’t have checked us out if even though she wanted to. I had no way of knowning. But I thought I knew.

Isn’t that how we are? We automatically think we know. And we jump to conclusions. This is especially true when we have to wait! And we even do it to God. Hurry up! Why don’t you do something right now. God, stop doing those coat hangers and help me!

We used to sing a song, “In his time, in his time, he makes all things beautiful in his time…”

That’s so true. The trouble is not His time, it’s the meantime. Waiting, wondering, and worrying. Will he show up? Will he care? Will it work out?

God is that way. In his time, just when the greatest impact is felt, he arrives.

And we have to wait.
Remember, even though you cannot see God at work that doesn’t mean he is not working

(Psalms 121:4) Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

We often think that out of sight means out of hope. That’s not true. Sometimes God is at work doing things you cannot see.
Timing is everything

There is a scene in the Lord of the Rings where Gandalf comes to the village of Hobbiton. One of the hobbits says, “You’re late!”

Tolkien was a Christian, and the wizard represented God’s hand at work in our world. It was so appropriate that Gandalf replied, “Wizards are never late and they are never early, they arrive precisely at the right time.”

God’s like that. Never early, never late. Right on time.

• It will be when we are ready.
• It will be when the times are ready.
• It will be when God is most glorified.
Prepare and learn

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