Seven Tenths of a Second


Imagine 0.7 seconds. Do you realize how small that is? Seven tenths of one second.  About the time it takes to read this sentence. That’s it. The blink of an eye.  Seven tenths of one second. But those seven tenths of a second is the only thing that has kept me from becoming a multi millionaire.

You see, seven tenths of a second is the difference in my high school forty time and Deion Sanders. He ran it in 4.3. I ran it in 5.0. And that makes the difference. Just seven lousy tenths of a second faster, and I would be playing on Sundays.

Well… maybe.

I always wanted to be a cover corner, but I’m seven tenths of a second too slow. In the forty yard dash on a football field, that span of milliseconds it might as well be a lifetime.

In forty yards, that comes out to about ten yards. That is an eternity on the football field. If you are seven tenths of a second slower than the guy with the ball and he’s running for a touchdown and he’s one step ahead of you… well, you might as well be a light year behind him! It wouldn’t matter. No amount of “want to” is going to cause you to catch him.

I guess I just have to admit it. I’m not designed to be a cover corner in the NFL. I’d like to be. In fact, if I found that magic bottle and got to rub it, I’d only ask for .8 of a second. Is that so much to ask? Just once, to be faster than everyone else.

God didn’t design me like that. I can’t run. So does that mean that I’m useless?

No. It just means I’m no good at cornerback. I wasn’t designed for that. It would be silly to base my entire sense of self worth on my seven-tenths-of-a-second deficit!

I know its ridiculous, but that’s how some people think. They set their sights on some vision that they weren’t designed to do and then live disillusioned. I’m worthless because I couldn’t reach my dream.

Did it ever occur to you that your dream didn’t match your gifts?

One of the most important things you will ever do is to discover who God made you to be so that you can do what God designed you to do. Every single person has a purpose in life. We miss that purpose because we do not realize who we are.

I believe God has designed each of us to play a special role in his overall plan.

(Jeremiah 1:5) “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you.”

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