God Loved First


We almost always want to be First.

First in line. Best seat. Highest position. Biggest steak. It’s human nature to “look out for number one,” and that means going first.

But there are some things that you don’t want to be first at.

We used to have this 12 foot pool in our backyard. Kind that looked like a giant jelly bean, and we used to put it up every year in April.  I built this little deck so the boys could keep their feet clean.

One time, Matthew and Micah were getting ready to jump into the pool early in the season. Water was practically ice.

“You go first.”

“No you.”

“No you.”

Then they agreed to go together. They took hands.

“On the count of three. One. . . two . . . threeeeee!”

They ran across the short deck but just as they were going to jump, Matthew stopped. Micah sailed out over the water and into the icy water! He came up furious. Big brother got him again.

You don’t want to be first in the water. You don’t want to be first off the cliff.

We also don’t want to be first to love. Why is that? Well, what if they don’t love you back?

Do you remember how seventh and eighth graders go out? One starts to “like” the other one, but it’s too dangerous to make a blind move, so they start putting the word out to their friends who, by the way, are sworn to secrecy.

“I sort of like Gary, but you can’t tell anybody.”

She knows that her trusted friend won’t be able to keep the secret. Sooner or later she will spill her guts to someone who will blab to someone else and then eventually Gary will find out. If he likes her back he’ll swear his best friend to secrecy and get the message back to her.

If both agree, then they were “going out.”

I used to love to ask, “Well, where are you going?”

“We aren’t going anywhere, we’re going out.”

“Well then how will you know when you get there?”

They don’t think that’s funny.

Why all that silly choreography? Because it’s the first time out of the shoot, and love is a dangerous thing. What if they don’t like you back? Nobody wants to go first.

God said, “I’ll take the risk. I will love you first.”

Man that’s powerful.

(1 John 4:19) We love, because He first loved us

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