Focusing on What Matters to God

One thing God hates is shallowness. Pick up the Bible. He was so patient with the woman caught in adultery. Patient with the woman at the well who’d had 5 husbands and was living with a man. Didn’t say it was ok, but was patient. He was patient with the thieves and crooks. Zacheus, the notorious tax bandit was up a tree.

Patient. But you know what really fired him up? Shallowness.

Pharisees that cared more about healing on the Sabbath than that a man got healed. Pharisees that were quick to condemn others without noticing their own flaws.

God hates shallowness. I think he does that because shallowness usually means caring for something that God doesn’t care about and not caring for something he does care about.

Great illustration is Matthew 15. Jesus walked on water, fed five thousand and healed the masses, but the Jews had one burning question: Did you wash your hands before you ate?”

They cared more about that his disciples were breaking their rules than that the Lord was breaking the laws of nature. Shallow people do that.

We’ve talked about making the right things matter. Here’s another good question:
“Does this really matter to God?”

We matter to God. No question. But often times what matter to us does not really matter to God. That’s what the Jews missed. They thought that because they created this set of rules that it mattered to God. Jesus was essentially saying, “None of this matters.” And we constantly need to ask, “Does this really matter to God.” Praying to win a little league game. Surely, God has more important issues than the outcome of a bunch of 9-10 year olds. But what does matter is how you play it, the attitudes you manifest. That’s what I have to watch. It matters what’s happens in the lives of those kids.

Here’s what matters to God. He wants you to know him and to glorify him through you life. What matters is that you not settle for a shallow ingenuine ritual instead of an authentic relationships. What matters is the person you are down deep in your soul. That’s what matters. And it mattered so much that he sent his only son to die on the cross.

People will sometimes ask me, “Pastor, how do I know what God wants me to do?” That’s easy. Here’s the answer:

(Thessalonians 4:3) God’s will is for you to be holy

Everything else is pretty shallow after that.

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