How much does this really matter?

If we are going to wade out of the shallow life then we have to be able to let only big things matter. Here is an essential question you need to ask yourself every day:

“On the eternal scale, how much does this really matter?”

I had been pondering this all day at one point. Then one morning I had a bad start to the day. Amy was out of town on a field trip so I was doing the Mr. Mom thing.

We got up late. We had a couple of geese at the time, but that’s a whole different story. But suffice it to say that after the rain the geese, weren’t keen to get back into their pen. So we chased them around through the mud for a while. I had mud between my toes as I made the lunches. The boys were sniffling and we were out of Claritin. I had to make an extra lunch because someone ate it from the day before. Then one of the boys forgot his lunch. I would swing by the church get the Claritin in my office and take the lunch up to school. Got to church late. Reached behind my seat and realized, “I forgot my computer.”

Left it at home.

We live about 15 minutes from church. Oh well. Took Andrew, then in high school, lunch and Claritin, then went home to get the computer. On the way back to work, I stopped at sonic for a Route 44 Diet Coke. The morning was already blown. Might as well treat myself to the fact that none of this had gotten under my skin too bad.

Got to my office and found a sack of DVD’s on my desk. Went to move them and spilled the entire Route 44. Not only did I lose my coke, I had to sop up the mess.

You can’t believe how much coke is in a route 44.

Walked out to throw something away and David Mac was walking in with flowers.

“What’s up?”

“Secretary’s day!”

Great. I’d completely forgotten. Thanks, David, for making me look bad with the flower thing. His sensitivity is killing me.

When I finally sat down at the computer, I was pretty frustrated. The whole day had been bad. Then I opened the emails and had one from the family in our church. Doctors had found four more spots on their baby’s brain. Then I got an update from another church member who was struggling with cancer. No change.

Suddenly what mattered came into sharp focus.

It helps to get a jolt like that and remember that this is shallow stuff.

On the eternal scale, does it really matter? Good question.

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  1. Floyd Borden says:

    Been There…Done That! Pastor Bill, this is a GREAT reminder (that we need more often); of just how “petty” these little things are that, and just what REALLY matters in this life. THANK YOU!


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