Be Careful What You Sow

Tucked away in one of those quiet corners of the Bible is an easily overlooked little bit of advice that could save you a lot of heartache.

(JOB 4:8)  It’s my observation that those who plow evil and sow trouble reap evil and trouble.

Be careful what you give out, because some day you just might get it back.

When I was in the eighth grade a group of us boys used to love to devil this dog. The dog lived in a backyard adjacent to an alley that separated two sets of back yards. We would walk between the chain link fences down that old alley. I remember that one of the fences was a couple of feet higher than the other one.

Whenever we walked between those fences that dog would go nuts. He’d bark and growl and act like he wanted to eat us alive. Being eighth grade boys we responded by kicking the fence, spitting on the dog and taunting him. He would bark his brains out. We would make his life even more miserable. Eighth grade boys do that. That dog grew to hate us.

We didn’t care. The dog was safely behind the fence.

One day we were walking down the alley when Jeff noticed it was quiet.

Too quiet.

“Hey, where’s the dog?”

The dog wasn’t there.

Just then we turned to see him. He was out of the fence and coming hard down the alley, revenge written all over his face.

Jeff took off running. The rest of us climbed the fence. The dog went after Jeff. In the panic that followed, I suppose Jeff forgot all about that pipe at the end of the alley. He was too busy running and watching the dog.
At the end of the alley someone connected the fences with a two inch galvanized pipe about head high. You had to duck to go under it.

As luck would have it, Jeff turned to look ahead at the precise second he arrived at the pipe. Boom! Jeff did a back flip and crumpled in a pile on the ground. The dog seemed satisfied. It turned and walked back down the alley giving us a hard look as it went by. We stayed on the fence until he was gone. Jeff’s nose was broken in a couple of places. Blood was everywhere.

We learned about mad dogs that day. Leave them alone, because some day they might get out. We learned something about life too. Be careful what you give out, because someday you might get it back.

Be careful what you sow.

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