Winning the War with Worry

Some people are born to worry. Erma Bombeck was one. Check out her insights.

“I’ve always worried a lot and frankly I’m good at it. I worry about introducing people and going blank when I get to my mother. I worry about a shortage of ball bearings; a snake coming up through my kitchen drain. I worry about the world ending at midnight and getting stuck with three hours on a twenty-four-hour cold capsule.

I worry about getting into the Guinness World Book of Records under “Pregnancy: oldest recorded birth.”

I worry what the dog thinks when he sees me coming out of the shower, that one of my children will marry an Eskimo who will set me adrift on an iceberg when I can no longer feed myself. I worry about salesladies following me in to the fitting room, oil slicks, and Carol Channing going bald. I worry about scientists discovering someday that lettuce has been fattening all along.

But mostely, I worry about surviving.”

Maybe you share her penchant for worry. Even if you don’t, life has a way of sucking you into this costly game. There is so much you can worry about:

But is worry ever supposed to be part of the normal Christian life? Not if you listen to what Jesus says.

(Matthew 6:25) “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?

There it is in black and white. We aren’t supposed to worry.

He goes on to say, “look at the birds” they don’t worry but they always have plenty to eat.

Examine a bird sometime and tell me he doesn’t work. Birds work hard: from morning till night. But, they don’t worry. They don’t stay up all night wondering if there will be enough worms and grasshoppers to make it through the next day. They don’t stress out over the rising cost of twigs to build a bigger bird nest. They take the day as it comes. They wake up, fly off and hunt. And then they stop for a while and sing. And then they drink, chase off cats and hunt some more. When the sun goes down so do they. Stress-free living, free as a bird! What a life.

Hard workers? You bet.

Worried workers, no way.

Ruth Graham once said, “Worry and worship cannot exist in the same heart.”

Stop worrying and start living free as the birds.

That’s the good news, now have a great day.

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