What’s it Worth

Here’s what I’ve learned. Price is determined by what you value. What you are willing to pay is determined by what its worth to you.

One winter when I was a youth pastor  we went on a ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado. We hand booked the “Breckenridge Sleigh Ride” which  is a quaint sleigh ride up the mountain in a “handcrafted” sleigh. Ours was a dinner sleigh ride so we rode to the rustic tents then dined on steaks.  It was approaching zero as our teams of sleighs headed out.  It was so cold they had to stop the horses periodically so their lungs wouldn’t freeze. It was wonderful. Circus style large tents kept warm by Franklin stoves in the beautiful Rockies, high above Breckenridge. We ate steaks and laughed and visited. Then it was time to return to our condos.

By now it was dark and the temperature was well below zero. No problem, the sleighs had elk skins to pull over us and we huddled close for warmth.

We arrived back at Beaver Run condos about 11:30. Our condo was on French street, a little over a mile away down the mountain, and then up another ridge. I looked for the mass transit system. It quit running at 11:00. Here I am with 40 people more than a mile from our condo in sub zero conditions.

I looked over and there was a man sitting in a Beaver Run bus, off duty. He was our only hope. I walked up to him and before I could say a word he smirked and said,” $20.00.”   Huh??  He knew!  This was a set up. This had happened before and he used our misfortune to make some extra cash. I was incensed. This was payola. Blood money. Extortion. I reached into my pocket and produced a $20 dollar bill. Then I went back to the group complaining.

One fellow I griped to was Harold Lock. I said, “That guy said he’d take us for $20 bucks. I think he should do it out of the kindness of his heart. It’s only a mile.  20 bucks!!

Harold looked at me and said something I will never forget. “I would have personally paid a hundred.”

We pay for what we value . All of a sudden the kingdom came into sharper focus.  Jesus told us to value the kingdom. He knew this.  If we valued Him then we would give whatever we had to keep it. That’s why he told the story of the pearl of great price. He wanted us to see that His kingdom is worth so much more than anything we’ve got down here. And when we realize it, we’ll pay with our lives.

What you will pay is determined by what its worth to you.

In Colorado at the ski resort. After the sleigh ride. “I’d have given him a hundred.” Harold was the go-to-guy for wisdom.

How much do you value the kingdom?



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