We Like Sheep

Ezekiel 34:31 “As for you, My sheep, the sheep of My pasture, you are men, and I am your God,” declares the Lord GOD.

God Calls us sheep. That’s not exactly a compliment. Sheep need shepherds. For a variety of reasons.

They need a shepherd because they tend to stray

Sheep aren’t like cows. They need full time supervision.  They wander off, and get into all kinds of trouble.

“All we like sheep have gone astray”

Sheep need a shepherd because they have to be led.

You can’t drive sheep. ” He leads me beside still waters.”

Sheep need shepherds because they can’t carry a burden

In her book, All We Like Sheep, Mary Glynn Peeples said that one of the reasons sheep need a shepherd is because they aren’t capable of carrying heavy loads.  She has a point.  You never see one hitched to a wagon or saddled up with some cargo.

Of course it’s a short leap to make the connection between sheep and us. We really aren’t designed for loads either. Like sheep we do best when we stay light.

Mary tells how her dentist husband, Sam used to worry while trying to establish his practice. Early in their marriage they never took more than three or four day vacations because Sam would get too anxious. She said they were always glad to get home so Sam could go back to work

Then Sam found Jesus. Still, things rocked along they way they had. Sam was still stressed out and the rest of the family lived at the “top of their lungs and the edge of their nerves”. Mary said that one day her Sam picked up the paper on the drive and on the cover was the first picture of planet earth from outer space.  Sam couldn’t believe how small the United States was. He struggled to decipher the location of their home state of Alabama, and then he realized his dental office was not even visible. God suddenly spoke peace to his anxious child. “If I can handle the universe,” God said, “I can handle your dental practice.”

Sam’s mental attitude changed that day. He determined to yield each day to the sovereign Lordship of Christ. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the worry and anxiety melted away and in its place Sam found peace. Mary said that the old worries still surface from time to time, but when they do Sam simply remembers that picture of earth from outer space. Sam says, “You can’t commit a week or even tomorrow. This is something you need to do daily.”

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