Learn from the Past

A couple of guys went caribou hunting in Alaska. Their bush pilot dropped them off at a remote location and then said, “Now remember fellas, you can hunt as long as you want, but you can only kill one Caribou. This plane isn’t big enough to carry more than one, plus you boys and your gear.” He flies away and they hunt and kill two caribou. When the pilot returned to pick them up a week later he saw the extra caribou.  ” Boys, didn’t you listen to me. I said that you could only take one caribou. This plane can’t carry two. Now you’ve wasted this beautiful animal.”

The men looked at each other and said, “Well the other pilot let us take two.”

” He probably had a bigger airplane,” the pilot argued.

” No, said one, it was exactly like this one.”

“You must be kidding.”

“No kidding. Same plane, two caribou.”

The pilot was a little embarrassed.” I guess I need to apologize; I have always thought that this plane was a one caribou airplane but if you guys say it can hold two then I stand corrected. My mistake. Load them up.”

They piled the two beasts into the back and then strapped in for take-off. The plane struggled to get airborne and then the mountains loomed dead ahead. The pilot tried to bring it up but the airplane was too heavy and it crashed into the side of the mountain. Miraculously everyone on board survived. One of the hunters came to his senses and rubbing his head asked his buddy, “Where are we Bubba?” Bubba replied, “Don’t you recognize it Jr.? We’re about two hundred yards from where we crashed the last time.”

Some people just don’t learn do they?  A wise man once said, “The definition of insanity is doing something the same way it’s always been done but expecting a different result.” I see this sometimes when I work with folks. They want life to be better but they refuse to change.  And the result, they keep crashing into that same mountain. Maybe you are like that.  If so, can I make a suggestion?  Try doing life differently this time. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them.

Listen to Proverbs 28:13 in the living bible      13 A man who refuses to admit his mistakes can never be successful. But if he confesses and forsakes them, he gets another chance.


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