Did you ever feel really small?  I remember the first time I felt really small. I was in Dallas Texas at the Reunion Arena. They have a tower there with a restaurant at the top that rotates. From a distance, at night, it looks like a giant dandelion. If you ever  watched the old Dallas TV series, the Hyatt Reunion Arena was always in the introduction. I was standing on the observation deck of that tower at night looking out over the lights of Dallas when I suddenly realized how inconsequential and small I was. There were thousands and thousands of lights. As far as the eye could see.  People were too small to even make out.  All of a sudden I realized, I’m a speck. A nothing.

My son John,  told me that if you were to shrink the earth to the size of a billiard ball that the surface of the earth would actually be smoother than the billiard ball.

The tower I was standing on that seemed so high would be incomprehensible. Man, now I’m really feeling small.

Then I read about how big this universe is compared to the earth. Scientists tell us the nearest star is 4 1/3 light years away. Traveling the speed of light 186,000 miles per second, would take 4 1/3 years. Put that into miles per hour. 669,600,000 miles every hour, 24 hours a day. So 16,090,400,000 miles a day. Times 365.   5.87 trillion miles a year. whew!

If we could travel at light speed we would reach it in 4 1/3 years! To reach the nearest star. But we can’t go anywhere near that fast. The fastest velocity ever achieved by humans according to the 1983 Guiness was the US-German Probe Helios B which traveled 149,125 mph.   At that speed it would take around 17 million years to reach the nearest star. That is nearest! They tell us our galaxy is something like 32,000 light years to the center. And they say the Milky Way Galaxy could be but one in billions of galaxies.

Now, do you feel small yet?  Here’s my problem.  I have no problem believing God is big enough to create the universe. My problem is , how a God that big could know or care about someone  as small as me?

David said the same thing.

Psalm 8: 3 “when I consider the heavens the work of thy fingers.  The moon and the stars which thou hast appointed.  What is man that thou doest take thought of him, or the son of man that thou doest care for him?”

And yet, no matter how big God is, he’s not too big to know my name. Or count my hairs. Jesus said, “The very hairs of our heads are numbered.”  He knows me.  And he cares for me.  Wow. That lets me know I’m significant.





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