Be Bountiful

Sometimes living in a pecan grove can be a mess.  A Pecan tree is a “self-trimming” tree.  That means that whenever the wind blows the limbs break.  And we have all these limbs to pick up.

Years ago I finally got smart.  I would  hire it out to our two youngest sons.  Five dollars for all the limbs picked up.  I know what you are going to say, “they should do it for free.”  Listen, I’d wind up giving them the five dollars anyway.  This way they were learning to earn a living.  Amy would make them save two dollars and tithe one so they would  only net two dollars.

As the years have gone by, and storms blow through and limbs rain down, we’ve turned the “limb-picking-up” into a family affair.  Whoever is home gets to help.

I only wish the dropping limbs was the only pain of the Pecan trees.  Every year they ooze this black stuff that gets on the driveway, porches, house, and anything left out in the yard.   Then there’s the green pollen in the spring.  Man, it looks like green chalk all over the vehicles and drives.  Then the relentless sap dripping.  Don’t park a car under one.

If Pecan trees are such a hassle why have them?   Sure we get shade, but you get that from an Oak tree.  Why not tear down the Pecans and put up some Oaks.  Listen, as big of a headache as Pecan trees can be, I wouldn’t trade our Pecans for a hundred Oaks.  Why?  The Pecans.  Every year we get this bounty of pecans and we don’t even do anything for it.  They just faithfully drop their harvest and we go and pick them up.  The fruit of the tree makes the mess so worth it.

The joy of the pecan is in the fruit.  The Christian life is the same way.  From God’s perspective we must be a lot of trouble.  Always needing something.  Forever complaining.  Forgetting him.  Ignoring his blessings.  He must surely want to trade us in for some appreciative Oak trees.  So why does he put up with us?  I think he loves the fruit.

Like my Pecan trees, God wants us to be fruitful.  And when we are fruitful we glorify our master.

John 15:8 “My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be My disciples.”

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