You’re Invited

Priorities change when you alter your agenda.

In Matthew 22 Jesus tells the story of the wedding feast. A king prepares this lavish meal and then sends out the invitation. But nobody came.

3 “And he sent out his slaves to call those who had been invited to the wedding feast, and they were unwilling to come.

Why didn’t’ they come?      Maybe they already had plans.

Several years ago someone called me and offered me free tickets to the Saints / Falcons game.  I could have gone to see Reggie Bush play Michael Vick.  How exciting!  Two of the most electrifying men in the sport.  I would have loved that. It was on a Monday night.  I never get to go watch pro games because they are on Sunday.  I would have loved to do that.  But I already had plans on Monday. I’d be out of town.

Maybe they thought something more important might come up

In the summer of 2006 a guy called, “We’re going on a cruise in August 2007 and would like for you to be the speaker.  It’s a brand new ship.  Not even completed yet. We’ll be going to Glacier Bay, balcony room. Free.”

I said, “Sounds great, when is it?”

“August 17”

“Ugh.  Can’t go”

“Why not?”

“That’s back to school time at the church.  We have a big fall planned and it’s important that I be there.” I also had a couple of sons going off to college at that time, and it just wouldn’t work.

I wanted to go. I didn’t have anything booked, but something might come up and I didn’t want to commit to a trip when there mightbe a greater need.

Surely they did not realize who was throwing the party

Maybe they didn’t come because they didn’t realize who would be there.

One time while I was at Dallas Seminary a teacher invited us to lunch. He said that Dr. Swindoll would be there. That’s Chuck Swindoll.  I’d never met him and wanted to. There was no way I was going to miss that lunch. I asked some guys standing around after class,

“Where’s the luncheon again?”

“What lunch?”

“The one with Swindoll.”

‘They said, “Swindoll isn’t going to be there. That’s just to get you to come.”

I would take my chances.  I walked into that cafeteria and there sat Chuck Swindoll with two other guys. Out of that whole class only three of us believed he would be there. And as a result, we got to spend an hour and a half with him.

Why didn’t they come?  Because they didn’t realize who was there. If you understand who Christ really is you will cancel everything. Change your agenda and get to that party!

Here’s what I learned.

We make time for that which we value.

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