Integrity, even when it costs you

Be a person of integrity, even when it costs you. Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

We had a big Siamese cat named Cappuccino. One cold morning I started my truck and there was a bump and a thud then Chino ran out from under it. He was all chopped up and in a bad way. I rushed to get Amy.  Chino was like a child to her.

“We have to get him to the vet.”    I thought, there’s no way the vet can save this cat. We have to try.  We went to the vet and the cat was laying on the table while the vet investigated. He had deep cuts to its leg and chest.

“Can you save him doctor?” What am I thinking. Even if he could this would cost a fortune.

The doctor said, “I think we can.” By now I’m starting to run the numbers. “How much will it cost?” ” 3-500 dollars. Just put him to sleep.”

Amy was beside herself, “We can’t kill Chino, we have to try.” Honey be reasonable. There’s no cat in the world worth 500 dollars.” We have to try.” OK, doctor do the operation.

The doctor did the surgery and the next day Chino died.  About a week later I got a bill in the mail, “600 dollars.” I was all bowed up. They said 3-500 dollars I’m not paying a dime over 500. the little girl behind the counter said, “OK.” That was quick. Too quick. Maybe I shouldn’t have offered so much. Too late. I wrote a check for $500 for a dead cat.

I told some of the men at the church my story of the 500 dollar dead cat. One day I got a call from Mitch. Pastor, I have $1500 in cats out here that I’m trying to sell and wanted to make you a deal. I said, “Mitch I don’t pay that kind of money for live cats.” He said, “I can take care of that too.”

$500 for a dead cat.  You know,  I could have refused to pay.  I could have said that the doctor didn’t do his part or that we should have never done it.  He would get huffy and I would get huffy and he’d threaten me and I’d threaten back.  And in the end I would probably get to keep my  $500.  Besides this guy wasn’t a church member.

But is it worth that?

I told him I would pay him if he did the operation. The survival of the cat was NOT part of the deal. So it came down to this.  Does my word mean anything or will I sell my integrity for $500? I gladly wrote the check.

Psalms 101:2 I will be careful to lead a blameless life–when will you come to me?  I will conduct the affairs of my house with a blameless heart.

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