A Grateful Spirit

One of the things God values most is a grateful spirit.

In Psalms it says” Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name. Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget none of his benefits”.

God delights in your gratitude. Unfortunately, we are often so ungrateful.

The core of the problem is expectations. When you expect something and you get it then you aren’t grateful because it was owed.  “I have my rights.”

But when you don’t expect anything and you get something you are thrilled by the surprise.

If you want a grateful spirit you have to drop the expectations.  Then everything becomes a gift.

Here in America we have so much that we now expect it.

We are about to celebrate Thanksgiving. Big meals. Families. Football. Thank you God for America. Abundance. Blessing.

You know of course that those Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth were coming from England by way of Holland. They fled England because they were being imprisoned and murdered for their faith. They left Holland because they wanted their children to be English and they were trapped in poverty.

They came to America out of desperation. Did they teach you that there were originally two ships? One turned back and as a result, the entire compliment of 102 passengers and crew crammed together on one boat that was barely 90 feet long and only 30 feet wide. The Mayflower twisted and gyrated on that turbulent sea for two full months while most of the Pilgrims never left the tween decks.

You knew they suffered that first winter, but did you know that they lost half of their group. 52 of the original 102 died the first year. I’m sure you were taught that they suffered the second year through starvation. At one point reduced to five kernels of corn a day. You understand that they barely made it.

So how . . .why . . . what possessed them to call for a feast of thanksgiving?  Instead, why didn’t they shake their fists at the heavens and curse God for their hard luck?

When they had that first thanksgiving they weren’t thanking God for their abundance, they were thanking Him for their survival.

It all comes back to expectations.

The secret is a simple idea, but it will enrich your life.

They did not expect anything and were grateful for everything.

Not only one day a year, but all year long, let’s be mindful of our expectations.   Foster a heart of gratefulness and live with a grateful spirit.


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  1. Janie sayers says:

    Thanks for ur daily devotions and reminding me to be thankful. Hope u r feeling better.


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