Time Is Running Out

I was driving down the road listening to Clint Black sing, Spending my time.

He sang a line that got me thinking:

“Funny thing, that time:

We’re always running out.

I’m always losing mine,

There’s not enough of it about.

An’ though it’s always here,

It will always come and go.

The days become the years,

That’ll be gone before you know.”


The chorus went like this:

“Oh,I’m gonna spend my time,

Like it’s going out of style.

I’ll only use what’s mine,

I’ve been savin’ for a while.

I still have hills to climb,

Before I hit that wall.

No matter how much time I buy,

I can never spend it all.”


Man isn’t that true. How many times have I said, “it seemed like just yesterday . . .”  I was talking with two of my sons  recently and it suddenly dawned on me, “there is virtually no way that I will still be alive when they reach the age that I am right now.”  Man. That will get you going.  I told Amy that I told the boys that and she said, “Why’d you tell them that, its just going to stress them out.” It stresses me out. How can they make it without me? What part of their lives will I never get to see.

All of a sudden I’m confronted with this sadness that time is short.

Hemingway said “Time is the least thing we have.”  You know that’s what the Bible says too. I did a study and discovered that the Bible talks about time all the . . . .well . . . time. Hundreds of verses on it. And if I had to congeal it into a main  theme it would be this: time is limited.

James 4:14 How do you know what will happen tomorrow? For your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.

Job said,

Job 7:7 ¶ “Remember that my life is but breath;

One wag quipped, “None of us are going to get off this planet with our lives.” Time is short. So, you need to make the most of it.

We might want to fight time, or cheat time or buy time, but the sad reality is, as Clint Black says, “no matter how much time we buy, we can never spend it all.”


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