Blaming and Complaining

We live in an age of victimization!

John MacArthur writes in his great book “The Vanishing Conscience.”

No matter what problem you suffer from – whether you are a cannibalizing serial murderer or just someone struggling with emotional distress—you can easily find someone who will explain to you why your failing is not your fault, and teach you how to silence a troubled conscience.

MacArthur illustrates his point:

A San Francisco city supervisor claimed he murdered a fellow supervisor and Mayor George Moscone because too much junk food—especially Hostess Twinkies—made him act irrationally. Thus the famous “Twinkies” defense was born. “A lenient jury bought the line and produced a verdict of voluntary manslaughter rather than murder.” They ruled that the junk food resulted in “diminished mental capacity,” which mitigated the killer’s guilt. He was out of prison before the mayor’s next term would have been complete.”

This is a culture of victims. Someone else is to blame for my past mistakes.

Bill Watterson the writer of Calvin and Hobbs ridiculed this tendency in one of his popular comic strips. Calvin is walking along in the snow with Hobbs close behind. “Nothing I do is my fault.” Hobbs scratches his head as Calvin explains, “My family is dysfunctional and my parents won’t empower me! Consequently, I’m not self-actualized! Next frame, his arms folded across his chest: “My behavior is addictive functioning in a disease process of toxic codependency! I need holistic healing and wellness before I’ll accept any responsibility for my actions.” Hobbs is stunned, “One of us needs to stick his head in a bucket of ice water.” Calvin replies, “I love the culture of victim-hood.”

One of the most basic and important principals of life you will ever need to master is this. Responsibility. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS! QUIT TRYING TO BLAME SOMEONE ELSE FOR THE TROUBLES YOU FACE. Maybe you got a raw deal. Perhaps someone did something terrible to you. Blaming and complaining won’t fix that. The only thing that will is to trust the Lord and move ahead.

I compare it sometimes to being pushed from a diving board. I can either expend my energy trying to turn around and see who did it and grow bitter and angry for their mistreatment. Or I can prepare to hit the water.

Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery and caused him to spend 17 years of his life in prison. At the end of the story his brothers are before him, humbled and afraid. Listen to Joseph’s brilliant assessment. This is why God could use him in such a powerful way.

Gen 50:20 “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.


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