I got a letter in the mail this week from the President of the United States. Craziest thing. Donald Trump said that he was aware of what I was doing here in Louisiana and he wanted to support me in whatever way he could.

Get this. He said that I should ring him up if I ever had any need at all. He gave me his direct cell number. No kidding.

Trump said that if I had a problem he would use his influence to solve it. Can you believe it?

Do you know what this means? I’ll never pay another speeding ticket.

He also said that if anyone gave me trouble to let him know and he would deal with that person. Watch out now.

He said that when I was down or disheartened he’d love to be there to pick me up and encourage me.

“Call anytime. Day or night.” That’s what the letter said.

So … who wants to be my friend?

Yeah, I’m lying. I didn’t get a letter from Trump, but you probably already knew that. I can’t dial him up.

But what would it feel like if I could?

How empowered would you feel if you knew that the President of the United States was on your side and invested in your interests?

Would you be more daring? Would you take more chances? Would you take advantage of that privileged access?

I know I would.

Sadly, the president will never send me that letter, but someone bigger than the president already sent me a letter just like the one I described.

We call that letter the Bible and God told me that anytime I have a problem I can ring him up. He said that when I’m worried or confused to let him know. When someone messes with me he says, “Don’t sweat it, I have him.” He said that he would use his power and influence to work on my behalf. He couldn’t always grant my every wish but he promised he would take care of my every need. All I have to do is call.

Here’s the best part. I don’t even need a telephone. I simply speak his name and he listens to me. He made that same promise to you.

So here’s the great big question. Why don’t we dial him up more often?

I’m telling you right now if Donald Trump promised to pick up the phone anytime I called then I would call all the time. God is so much bigger than Donald Trump.

Isn’t it time to take advantage of this beautiful access?  Join me this Sunday as we talk about the power of prayer.

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  1. Bobby Knickerbocker says:

    AMEN Pastor. Thanks for these thoughts.


  2. Brenda Simpson says:

    I am in awe of you Bro. Bill , how you can really speak from the heart and from God.? I Truly miss North Monroe. But I also love it here in Englewood, CO. Pray for us as we get ready for more snow. We have already had 4 inches here and more is expected this week. I’m going to give our Pastor this website. Our pastor is like you Bro. Bill, he studies and gives scriptures to back it up . . He is on You Tube. New City Church of Denver. I listened today the sermon from February 3rd.


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