The Problem with Women

The problem with women is they want to be cherished and respected by men but they do the very thing that produces the opposite effect.

The Super Bowl is a classic example.  So much of it was about women being empowered. The message is clear, “See us as capable equals!”

And then half-time roles out and it’s a geriatric pole dance from a couple of aging starlets.

If you want to be valued as a person then playing to lust is the wrong approach.

I read the most intriguing article some time back.  It confirms biologically what we’ve been saying spiritually for years.

The CNN Article was titled: Men see bikini-clad women as objects, psychologists say

It was about a Princeton University study where they strapped men’s brains into this machine to measure activity and then they showed them pictures of women in bikinis. The part of the brain that fired-up was the part associated with using tools!

But it gets better. Not only did the “tool brain” switch on, but also the “relationship brain” turned off.  Listen to this:

“The part of the brain associated with analyzing another person’s thoughts, feelings and intentions was inactive while viewing scantily clad women…”

In other words when men are presented with scantily clad females they immediately and unconsciously view that woman as a tool.  An object. Something to be used.  At the same time the part of the brain that would care for her and cherish her is completely shut down.

Girls, this explains a lot about relationships doesn’t it?

Women live in a sexually gratuitous world that insists that they objectify themselves in order to compete for male attention; but by doing that they lose the very thing they sought to achieve, “A relationship with a man based on mutual love and respect.”

No wonder the more sexualized our society becomes the less capable we are at building meaningful relationships.

You think, “I’ll hook him with the bikini and then I’ll change him into this caring relationship oriented thing later.”  Doesn’t work like that.

Someone said this is the Key difference between men and women:

“Women marry a man expecting him to change and he doesn’t.

Men marry a woman expecting her not to change and she does.”

How you start out determines how you end up.  If you win him with lust then he will always see you as an object.  Lust objectifies.

So what do you want? Do you want to be an object?  JLo is your model.

Do you want to be a person? Then Jesus is your model.

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  1. Floyd Borden says:

    Thanks for Your Post…This show was terrible, especially in light of the fact that MILLIONS of children and young ‘teens were watching.  I cannot believe FOX (my favorite network); allowed this to happen.  What really surprises me, is that I have heard VERY FEW adverse comments on this halftime show…Is this REALLY what our Great Country has come to? May God have Mercy on us all, and no wonder the Muslims constantly refer to us as Infidels.


  2. Bobby says:

    Excellent point pastor. God Bless


  3. Carole Becton says:

    So true!


  4. Jane smith says:

    Totally agree


  5. Dawn Holbrook says:

    Well said!


  6. Jim Gray says:

    Thankful for my pastors Christian insights and views. Keep plugging away Bill, lotz of folks listening! You are a powerful voice that needs to be shared!


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