Just Wear the Mask

John 15:13, “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

If that’s true then why won’t you wear the mask?

I hear some people say that we don’t need masks and that they are an overreaction on the part of politicians.  That may be true, but the doctors and scientists say that if we all wear masks fewer people will get sick and a lot fewer will die.  I’m going to take their word for it and just wear the mask.

I’ve heard some say that its all a plot by the forces of darkness.  If they get us to wear the mask then the next step will be wearing the mark of the beast.  C’mon man. Seriously?  You aren’t worshipping Satan.  Just wear the mask.

Some will say, “If I get it I get it.  So what? I’ll take my chances.”  That may be true, but when you get it you also tend to give it.  Is it too much to wear a mask so that granddad can live?  The good news is that if you do get it there is a cadre of  brave healthcare professionals standing by with all the latest whiz-bang technology to save your life. Do you really want to make a doctor save your life if she doesn’t have to?  Just wear the mask.

Some say, “I’m not going to church if I have to wear a mask!” Ok, don’t go.  Stay home and worship with us online.  That’s fair. But when you do all the other stuff you normally do like Lowes and Brookshire’s, or out to eat, or watching the kids play ball, do us a favor and just wear the mask.

It fogs my glasses. It’s too hot.  It pulls my ears.  Yeah, it’s tough to wear a mask.  But surely its not as hard as sacrificing your life for someone you love. Is it?

Do it for those you love. Just wear the mask.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lance Burch says:

    Clarity. That’s refreshing.


  2. Belinda Hendrix says:

    Great job! Loved it! Blessings to you and Amy 🙂


  3. Lois Matney says:

    So simple, just wear the mask and we will all be safe!!


  4. Floyd Borden says:

    In complete agreement…Sandy and I were just discussing this before I read it. We are both ill (at present) with the virus. We wore the masks every time we were out of the house around people; and also followed all of the other rules recommended by Medical and Science Professionals…but, we still got the virus. But, when we are well and out of “quarantine”, we will wear the masks; because of our belief that masks saves lives…and believe me, this “stuff” ain’t fun! Pray for Us. Please.


  5. Rashad says:

    Great leadership, and thanks for letting us know about the governor’s request to fast and pray, I would not have known about it otherwise


  6. Ted Sisson says:

    Totally agree Bill. Well written. We will b in church again as soon as Sharon is well


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